BRAINsmART Therapy
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brainsmart therapy

Healing Mind and Body through a Whole Brain Creative Arts Approach


Bringing mind and body into connection for healing trauma –

What if it didn’t have to be a fight between your right (creative) and left (analytical) sides of your brain? If healing could occur by using your body and brain together in a different way to “snap” you out of the traumatic events that are keeping you stuck, and give you space to heal and grow.

In our experience, most people who come to therapy are experiencing an overwhelming amount of body sensations, emotions, and racing thoughts and they have lost contact somewhere along the way with their problem-solving brain. Because of this systemic overload, their sympathetic nervous system gets stuck in ‘fight-flight-or freeze’ just to survive. They find themselves getting out of control with anger (fight), anxiety (flight) or paralyzed by fear and depression (freeze) as they shut down.

These automatic reactions are your body’s adaptive response to overwhelming stress. Your body is attempting to protect you from further stress or total collapse, however, it is also unwittingly shutting out your brain’s ability to rationalize your way out of the stress.

By using imagery, and through the use of the visual, musical, and movement arts to reconnect the body to the brain, BRAINsmART Therapy is designed to reduce the discomfort of traumatic events and increase your ability to make sense of the images, sensations and emotions that arise when trauma needs to be resolved.

BRAINsmART enables a new view of your past, through new eyes and in new ways.




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Nancy E. Lubow
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Nancy E. Lubow is
Only by connecting the functions of the right and left brain, can we build a “bridge of meaning” to integrate overwhelming events and trauma into a meaningful story that we can use to heal ourselves.
— Nancy Lubow PhD, LPC, MT-BC


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