Cross Modal Creative Arts Therapies

A Trauma-informed Arts-Based Approach for 'Both Sides' of the Brain

Cross modal therapy is a creative problem solving approach that gives clients the mental and emotional tools to integrate overwhelming events into a healthy personal story. This whole brain therapy enables clients to re-organize the chaos of traumatic events from the past or present and toregain mental resiliency and emotional balance. Clients are taught how to safely access and transform traumatic material with the visual, musical, and movement arts. This non-verbal material is linked to a meaning context and purpose through the use of creative writing exercises.

This therapeutic process helps individuals connect with their intuitive non-verbal problem solving abilities. By creating a 'cross-talk' between verbal and non-verbal intelligences, we gain a broader range of solutions to old problems and patterns. The language of the arts empowers clients to 'see', 'sense' and interpret their problems differently, giving them the power to break repetitive cycles of interpersonal and self-abuse, learned helplessness, toxic emotions like guilt, shame, negative self-talk and unhealthy attachment styles.

  The Cross moidal exercises SAFELY access and re-organize the chaotic material of overwhelming events by using an 'image to word' reprocessing technique whereby the 'trauma burden' can be re-formed and released. This brainsmART approach is grounded in the latest neuroscience research on trauma, creativity and the brain which clearly demonstrates that we must  'go beyond the talking cure' to heal the damages to body, mind and emotions caused by traumatic events.