BRAINsmART Therapy
for trauma and mental health


Jerry Waxler

Masters level Counselor; Professional Memoir Coach; Published Author

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I consider therapy to be a form of “coaching for the mind” during which you learn to sort out thoughts and feelings and develop a clearer understanding of the Story of Your Self.

During therapeutic conversations, you develop insights into how your mind works, how it got that way, and how to build bridges to more positive ways of thinking. Between sessions, you apply these insights, and continue to grow wiser about yourself.

Getting in touch with your authentic story will integrate important brain circuits, improve self-regulation and awareness. Knowing your story enables you to communicate your authentic self more confidently to others, live more effectively, less burdened by the past and more hopeful and wiser about moving into the future.

In addition to the work we do to improve your self-understanding, I encourage self-development techniques such as breathing, positive visualization, internal dialog, journal writing, and narrative writing.

 Common Questions about StoryArts

Why is learning the story-of-self so healing?

Since the beginning of civilization, people have been searching for meaning through stories. By turning your attention toward the stories of you own life, you can knit together many disorganized parts of yourself into a coherent, purposeful whole. By finding your story, you become both the author and the hero of your own life.

I’ve never written a story. Is this only for writers?

Stories are wired into our brains. So even if you’ve never written a one, you know how they work. I will work with you to turn your “story mind” toward your own life, and provide you with a valuable tool for self-understanding.

What are the benefits of writing in a journal?

By letting thoughts flow freely from your mind onto paper, you can become aware of your thought-patterns. This is an important step toward accepting and improving them. Also, you will develop a more robust connection to your own voice.

What is the difference between Story Writing and Journaling?

Journal writing is only for you. To take it to the next level, write as if you are explaining events to a kind, curious listener.

How long does it take to develop my story?

Learning your story is a lifetime project. My goal is to empower you to get started, to find the meaning behind difficult parts, or to help you knit together parts that make no sense. By tapping into this self-help tool, you will be able to find a path for further growth for the rest of your life.

Services I offer:

Anxiety when entering adult life (launching)

Coping with grief, reclaiming your healthy story.

Recovering from addiction

Coping and healing from childhood trauma, abuse, or neglect. (Developing a healthy narrative from the damaged raw material of childhood.)

Identity confusion created by cultural differences (immigration, mixed-culture parents, adoption)

Adjustment issues with aging parents. (Developing your story and understanding theirs will help you adjust to this transition.)

Coping with midlife and beyond (“Mid-life crisis” is an attempt to make peace and find purpose after empty nest, retirement, job loss, illness or injury.)

Break out of procrastination, fear of criticism, self-doubts and other mental drains that prevent you from becoming more creative

Search for Self. StoryArts improves the fundamental knowledge of your own journey through life.)