BRAINsmART Therapy
for trauma and mental health


Walter Rhoads 

Masters in Clinical Counseling Psychology; Certified PA Teacher Grades 7-12


My Background

I use a Solution-focused therapy in my individual, marriage, and family counseling work.  I like to integrate the principles of CBT, person-centered psychotherapy, Gestalt therapy, and Mindfulness to give the client the problem solving strategies best suited for their temperament and learning style. I believe that the therapeutic alliance is a 'sacred trust’ that is earned between myself and the client and this relational safety is what produces real change from within each person. I work intuitively to build this rapport while offering practical skills to manage the stress, anxiety, and fear that comes with the COURAGE to make real change.

I received my Master’s degree in Clinical Counseling Psychology from Chestnut Hill College. I am a PA certified Science teacher (grades 7-12), which gave me years of experience working with children and young adults struggling with developmental trauma, and the diagnoses associated with traumatic stress. These range from learning disabilities, attentional deficits, attachment disorders, ODD, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety and PTSD.  Prior to my work in education; I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Genetics from Thomas Jefferson University and worked in the field of Genetic Oncology.  This background in Genetics gives me a deeper understanding of how high levels of stress during formative stages of development may be at the root of so many psychiatric disorders. For that reason, my treatment approach explores strategies that can reduce and re-direct the stress that has negatively altered the mind, emotions and behaviors of both children and adults. 

 In my work with families and children, I have developed the skills to collaborate with school districts in their efforts to revise and develop IEP and 504 plans that meet the personal and academic needs of the student.  Districts often become overwhelmed with the work it takes to answer the needs of every child and parent. In those instances, I can effectively take on the 'dual role' of therapist and student advocate to help get the job done.