BRAINsmART Therapy
for trauma and mental health

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Nancy E Lubow PhD LPC MT-BC

Founder of BRAINsmART Therapy and the Cross Modal Creative Arts Approach for Trauma and Mental Health

A Trauma-informed Arts-Based Approach for 'Both Sides' of the Brain

Cross Modal Creative Arts is a problem-solving approach that gives clients the mental and emotional tools to integrate overwhelming events into a healthy personal story. This 'whole brain' therapy enables clients to re-organize the chaos of traumatic events from the past or present and regain mental resiliency and emotional balance. Clients learn how to safely access traumatic material through the use of visual, musical, and expressive arts languages.  Once 'seen and heard' , prior overwhelming events can be assigned meaning and a purposeful place in our story. The language of the arts enables clients to 'see', 'sense' and 'save ' themselves from their traumatic triggers.

Through image-to-word re-processing exercises, clients  break the repetitive cycle within themselves of abuse, learned helplessness, toxic emotions, negative self-talk and unhealthy attachment styles. This trauma reprocessing technique is a brain-based method that organizes and links the overwhelming emotions and body sensations to words of meaning and context.  

 This BRAINsmART approach is grounded in the latest neuroscience research on trauma, creativity and the brain. It empowers clients  to 'go beyond the talking cure' to heal the body, mind, and emotions damaged by the traumatic events that derailed a healthy development in the past or present. 

 Walter Rhoads MS Counseling, PA Certified Teacher                                                                                         Jerry Waxler MS Counseling, Memoir Coach

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We are dedicated to the personal growth of each individual who comes to work with us. We introduce the concepts and unique strategies of a BRAINsmART method so that each client learns how to manage their mind, emotions and behaviors asan integrated whole system.

We each share these common goals: to help clients discover and claim their innate strengths; to help clients explore and resolve problems that originate from developmental trauma and experiences beyond their control. We are committed to building a foundation of safety and trust within the therapeutic alliance so that clients have the courage to explore new ways of thinking, feeling, and perceiving themselves and others-  in a world where it is essential for each of us to 'Know Thy Self'.

This is a 'whole brain' approach that gives clients strategies to integrate the logic of the left brain and the emotions of the right. Clients will gain the ability to balance emotions under stress which improves problem solving, interpersonal communication, and self-confidence.  With time and practice, our trauma-informed creative and cognitive strategies help clients 'get to the roots' of any self-destructive patterns and to re-route these negative behaviors into positive creative action.